2016-2017 Academy Faculty

PDG Sarah Oliver                                                                Academy Dean


Email:  gov.sarah@rotary6440.org

Harriett Schloer                                                    Communications Instructor

Email:  rotarydla@gmail.com

PDG Mike Yesner  & PDG Rodney Adams             Membership Instructors

PDG Mike Yesner
Email:  mikeyesner1@gmail.com

PDG Rodney Adams
Email:  gov.rodney@rotary6440.org

Debbie Stacey                                                             Public Image Instructor

Email:  dsrotary95@gmail.com

Nancy Keppel & DGN Julie Clark                         Youth Services Instructors

Nancy Keppel
Email:  nakeppel@gmail.com

DGN Julie Clark
Email:  gov.julie@rotary6440.org

Mary Bishop                                                     Rotary Organization Instructor

Email: drmlbish1@aol.com

PDG Mike Ericksen                                    The Rotary Foundation Instructor

Email:  gov64400708@aol.com


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