2016-2017 Schedule

First Semester


Aug. 1 Canvas Pre-Course launches for all registered students
Instructor:  Harriett Schloer
Aug. 15 DEADLINE  All Academy applications due to PDG Sarah Oliver gov.sarah@rotary6440.org 
Aug. 31 Final date for DLA participants to complete the Canvas Pre-Course
Sep. 2 Course #1 Rotary Communications
Instructor:  Harriett Schloer 
Oct. 1 Course #2:  Membership
Instructors:  PDG Mike Yesner & PDG Rodney Adams
Nov. 1 Course #3:  Public Image
Instructor:  Debbie Stacey
Nov. 24 - Jan. 1 Academy Closed for the Holdays


Second Semester


Jan. 2 Course #4:  Youth Service
nstructors:  Nancy Keppel & DGN Julie Clark
Feb. 1 Course #5:  RI, Club and District Organization
Instructor:  Mary Bishop
Mar. 1-21 Course #6:  The Rotary Foundation - Part 1
Instructor:  PDG Mike Ericksen
Mar. 22 -
Apr. 15
Course #6:  The Rotary Foundation - Part 2
Instructor:  PDG Mike Ericksen
Apr. 27  DROP DEAD DEADLINE for all Academy work to have been completed for graduation.
Apr. 28 or 29 Final Seminar and Graduation

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