Be a Graduate of the Academy Class of 2019

The DLA program is "all electronic" with all work being done online using the Canvas Learning Management System used by the majority of colleges and universities throughout the country.

The Academy program comprises six courses (Communications, Membership, Public Relations, Youth Service, Rotary Organization, and The Rotary Foundation).  Each course is a month long and includes reviewing specific resources, online discussions, written assignments and a final exam which is taken online using Canvas,.

Rotary District 5110 created the DLA program 20 years ago to prepare Past Presidents to serve in a District leadership position.  That is also the goal of District 6440.   Contact PDG Sarah Oliver  for information.  All brochures, information and required documents for admission can  be found on the Download page.  Space is limited and the deadline for applications is August 25, 2018. The first course, Communications, will begin on 9/1/18.

Registration Materials Now Available For The Class of 2019

Student Support Throughout the year

The Rotarians from District 6440 who have participated in the District Leadership Academy Program since 2014 are now serving in various leadership positions in District 6440.  In addition, all of the Academy instructors are Academy graduates. 

All of these graduates, particularly the Academy faculty, are the support system that insures each and every student will complete the program successfully.  They are the "cheerleaders".  

The Academy Faculty is the heart and soul of the Academy program.  They research their course, create the syllabus, review and score all assignments and prepare the final exam.  At the end of each course, students will receive a comprehensive grade report from the instructor providing them with constructive feedback to assist them in future courses.  By the time students graduate they will be some of the most knowledgeable Rotarians in their district and will take pride in wearing the Academy pin.

Register today and be a part of buildiing District 6440's future by training the club and district leaders of the future.  YOU can make a difference.

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Responsive Web DesignThis Academy web site incorporates the latest web site design technology available including "responsive design".  This means that the web site pages will resize automatically to adjust and convert the content of each page to enable the highest levels of readability and navigation whether you are using your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, or your smartphone.  It does this seamlessly and means that each and every device you use for this web site will be easily readable, fully accessable and  will enable you to work online no matter where you are or what device you use (as long as you are connected to the Internet.)

Responsive Design works on both IOS and Android operating systems as well as Windows and Blackberry.  When you access the web site, it is able to quickly identify the device your are using and immediately changes the site design format accordingly.  It truly "knows" what you need in order to access the web site on all of your devices. 

We think students will find this to be a very useful feature of the web site which will enable them to successfully use it from anywhere on any device.  If you have questions contact the Webmaster.

Since 1998 District 5110 has been training district Rotarians  to be the best prepared club and district leaders possible.  To date, they have graduated  278 individuals from the D5110 Leadership Academy.  All of their District Governors since 2000-2001 have been Academy graduates and all of their current DG line members, District committee chairs, and Assistant Governors are Academy graduates.  Their Academy program is now being used by Rotary Districts 5010 which has two Academies, (one taught in English in Alaska and the Yukon Territory and one taught in Russian in Far East Russia); 6080, 6110, 5170, and 6440,  Previously it was used by Districts 5000,  5180, 5390 and 5400 to assist them in developing their own advanced leadership programs.  In all, more than 950 Rotarians in the US, Canada and Russia are Academy graduates from their respective Rotary District's academy program.

Welcome to the Leadership Academy

Harriett SchloerGreetings to the Rotarians of District 6440.  My name is Harriett Schloer and I am a member of the Rotary Club of Bend High Desert in Bend, Oregon.  We are part of District 5110, the district that originally created the Dlistrict Leadership Academy program.  I am one of those who originally founded the program in 1998 and have been an instructor and the Academy webmaster since the beginning.

It has been my "job" to assist your district in implementng the Leadership Academy program in District 6440 and then to work with your instructors and students throughout the Academy year as needed.  I serve as the Academy webmaster and the Canvas Administrator.  To insure that all students are prepared and ready for the DLA which launches on September 1, I teach the Canvas "Pre-Course" which guides students through the Canvas process.  It also during this course that we insure that all students are properly registered with a MyRotary acount so they will have all of the basics covered before they start working on Course 1:  Communications (which I also teach).  In other words, I am the Academy's "technology trainer" helping to insure that all participants will successfully complete the program and graduate with their class at the end of the Academy year.  I will be assisting your district in recruiting Rotarians to participate in the DLA.

When a Rotarian participates in the DLA program, they are not really sure what they are going to gain from the experience.  To see how one graduate felt about the experience, I suggest you read the essay he wrote at the end of his Academy year.  CLICK HERE.  I welcome you to the DLA for District 6440 and look forward to working with you during the coming year.  I can assure you it will be a most worthwhile experience. 

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